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JDBC Acccess to ADABAS

I'm evaluating your JDBC Driver for Entire SQL Server (ESQ). Can you help me please with a correct URL Example for ESQ ?

If the name for your ESQ server is "SAGTOURS" on Node "HPDUS2", VTXNETD listening on port 1958, and login and password is TEST/TEST, then your URL would be:

If vtxnetd is started in a shell that has all the ESQ environment variables defined, the you do not need to send them. Otherwise, you can specify them in the connect string, for example
You can specify as many as you need, comma separated. In addition, you may need to specify the path to "vtxhost.ada" unless it is in vtxnetd's PATH.  

When using VORTEXjdbc to access ADABAS C via GENESIS, do I need a userid and password in the JDBC URL?

Yes, the syntax requires a userid and password. Until you actually create one using GRANT, you can put anything you want.  

What is the connection from a JDBC Windows client to an ADABAS SQL Server on an AIX machine?

GENESIS is a SQL parser that converts the SQL statements into a series of read/write operations that are then executed by an ADABAS C driver. GENESIS maintains a catalog of tables, columns, indexes, and index columns in ADABAS C which is used to translate SQL tables and columns into ADABAS C files and shortnames, as well as super/sub-descriptors.

You must either be running ADABAS SQL Server 1.3 for MVS or our GENESIS ADABAS C native driver (accessible via VORTEX).  

My target is ADABAS on MVS ...

You must obtain the MVS eval kit from our FTP server from the download evaluation list. The files for this eval are in TSO XMIT format and can be restored by following the steps outlined in the RESTORE.README, an ASCII text file.

Do you offer a JDBC Solution for Adababas D on Linux ?

Sure do. Check out the VORTEXserver list of supported platforms and download the one of your choice.

For the evaluation it would be very useful if we could test the server first on a Win95 system (VORTEXServer) and later the MVS-Server!

We currently do not support Windows 95 as a server platform, however, you can always download the eval kit from WindowsNT and run with the following components under Windows95:

    VTXNET2.EXE  (Vortex Server)
    VTX0_72.DLL  (driver for Personal Oracle)  rename to VTX0.DLL
    VTX10_PE.DLL (driver for Personal ADABAS D) rename to VTX10.DLL
    VTX11.DLL    (driver for ODBC databases)

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